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Thursday, June 16, 2011


MDs, MBAs, MAs, MLISs, MSs, MSWs, MSCJs, MPAs, MPPs, MFAs, and PhDs:

Each passing day the student debt crisis becomes more serious. But like a virus with a long incubation period, it is not immediately obvious, and is often disguised by symptoms of other illnesses. Why this is, and how this came to be, has been the focus of much discussion in recent years- and in fact, a movement has started to expose this issue for what it is: a greed-based scandal that is going to create further economic turmoil in this already hurting country.

The intention of this, and other blogs, is to explore the nature of the student debt crisis in America and to bring about change by demanding our politicians take action! It is extremely important that any and all who are affected by, or concerned with, the student debt crisis begin to educate themselves and speak out.


The law school scam blog movement has been instrumental in exposing some of the fraudulent horrors in the legal education industry, the corruption within the ABA, and it's incestuous relationship with US News and World Report. These blogs, as well as blogs like All Education Matters, have done an incredible service in exposing the fraud that is leading so many young citizens to make unwise "investments" in education, and to seriously impact their lives negatively for years and years to come.

It has been law students and lawyers who have spoken out most notably thus far. However, what they have discussed is essentially the one area they are most familiar with: law school. Law school has definitely become a racket and a scam in this country, and it continues to get worse. But the corruption in the law school business is part of the larger STUDENT LENDING SCAM that affects an even larger group of students. This is a systemic problem.


Again, the exact nature of student lending corruption, and what we need to do about it requires more time to discuss. I currently am reading The Student Loan Scam, by Alan Collinge, and it truly makes my blood boil. I highly recommend it as a great way to become informed on the topic.

BUT NOW YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!! If you hold an advanced degree ( MDs, MBAs, MAs, MLISs, MSs, MSWs, MSCJs, MPAs, MPPs, MFAs, and PhDs), and your life has become unmanageable because of the debt you acquired to pursue it- PLEASE SPEAK OUT. Please contact me at paulsmall2007@gmail.com,  or visit these blogs: All Education Matters or Third Tier Reality and message their respective authors.


Of course, the student debt crisis affects many different people, and their families- from community college students to medical school graduates- and all are equally important. The student lending fiasco ultimately has to be addressed across the board. However, advanced degrees have become increasingly lucrative for universities (and therefore lenders as well) as more and more people with a bachelors degree find it "necessary" to go back to school in order to get a "good job." The student debt relief movement needs people from various backgrounds.

If you went to school to be say, a social worker, and are embarrassed that you accrued $100,000 in student loan debt- don't be, and don't let that keep you from speaking out. There are plenty of people in your shoes. The total national student loan debt amount is approaching 1 trillion US$!

It is important to get some information on various cases across different fields of study, to understand the scope of this. Essentially the student loan industry is getting extremely wealthy by over lending to the misinformed, and unduly optimistic, and now we are facing grave consequences as a society. Not to mention, many of us took on our debt before or during the Wall Street Rape of 2008- drastically changing the economic landscape we now find ourselves trying to function in. Please speak up and let us know your story. If you are suffering from student loan injustice- you are not alone. Help is mobilizing.


  1. Paul:

    A link to this Post should be sent to every student run College and University online Newspaper in the USA.

  2. When I graduated from college in 2001, I had only $15,000 in debt. My first "job" was as a collection agent making $8.50 an hour plus bonuses. In a few months, I was able to find a position that paid $12 an hour as a temporary postal worker. I was finally hired full time at a rate of $17.17 an hour with a chance for overtime and double time. I was such an excellent worker that I was considered for management. Now the USPS has problems of its own, but the bottom line is that I would have been in a better financial position had I not gone to law school.

  3. The dark side to this story: I was not satisfied with a blue collar working class lifestyle. Advancing professionally was still my long term goal and I never once questioned the idea that higher education and advanced degrees are the means to that end. The thought was appealing: attend law school, defer loan payments, learn a new skill, and mingle with other professionals. The first two were only true, and deferring doesn't stop the interest from capitalizing. Law school didn't teach me anything practical and I didn't like most of the people I went to school with. It was never a good fit for me, but I couldn't fathom that someone who holds a JD could ever be a loser in the job market. I got my first rude awakening at a job fair when employers would end the interview after seeing my JD credential. The monthly loan payments are a sad reminder of the worst decision of my life.

  4. Paul, thank you for that message. If you earned a subprime degree, join us in this fight. We are up against a vile, powerful enemy. In fact, the "higher education" industry includes the banksters, policyheads, well-heeled lobbyists, ignorant politicians, and the schools.

    In the end, we have the numbers. Just about everyone knows someone who has been affected by the "higher education" racket." If you do not want to see your children pay $90K a year in tuition, then get off your ass, grab the remote, shut off the TV, and become active. Contact your state and federal officials. Write letters to the editor of local and national newspapers - including alternates and independent weeklies.

  5. Family members do not want to see their children or Loved ones suffer, and deep in debt, for life,

    because...they Love them.

  6. I retooled my resume today to omit the JD. If I listed just years that I was employed, there is no apparent gap in my resume. But if I ever have to list month/year, there will be a nine month employment gap.

  7. That's insane that it has come to that: people dropping JD from their resume to get a job!


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