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Monday, July 11, 2011



If you are deep in debt and/or regret about your undergraduate or graduate degree- let others know! It is important to spread the word to help people understand what extreme peril they place themselves in when they over borrow for school with the belief they are making a wise investment in their future.

Send an email to this blog with the the following information:

Your First Name, Your Last Initial, Your School, Your School Location: Your Degree and Year of Graduation (or Withdrawal Date). Put an optional comment about the debt, your current occupation, or advice about attending the school.

Paul S.,   Boston University,  Boston, MA:   MA Clinical Psychology 2007. 
"Over 100K in student debt and working as a waiter. Wish I never went back to school!"
These entries will be listed on this blog under the Debt Regret Shit List. Help warn others! Let them know! We know the schools and US government are doing nothing to protect uninformed potential borrowers!

Contrary to what scam blog critics say, our efforts are not just whining about personal current circumstances, but rather to help others avoid the harmful trap of paralyzing student loans. These critics have a difficult time grasping that because of their self-serving social orientation which only understands life through the lens of self-interest. Advocates wish to change the corrupt system for the benefit of all students. This system is not working, and no one can effectively argue that it is at this point.



Please contribute to the DEBT REGRET SHIT LIST or feel free to leave a comment. Would you get a refund on your degree if you could?


  1. I graduated some years ago and didn't have the kind of debt some of today's graduates incur. However, I would not make the same choices today, for the debt loads are so much greater and the job prospects are much worse. Plus, I found that I could have pursued my interests without the sort of schooling I had. And, finally, today most of what one learns in college, and even in graduate school is available online--an option that didn't exist in my day. Of course, the only downside to educating yourself online is that you won't get any sort of credential that anyone will recognize. And we all know that online diplomas only help those that are already on the job and are looking to get promoted, though that situation may change.

  2. Total support on this end, kiddo's.

    For my blog on this subject, pls go to: http://writtenoffamerica.com/a-love-letter-from-your-bill-collector/

    And also listen to what Cryn Johannsen of All Education Matters has to say in my PWRNradio intvw: http://pwrnradio.com/blog/2011/03/01/down-but-not-out-americas-revolt-against-being-written-off-11-the-american-student-%E2%80%93-from-graduating-class-to-debtor-class/

    It's time to hit the streets.

  3. I disagree with Donna, and had she done it differently she may be living out of a cardboard box, or with her parents still. I am glad I am taking the road I took and I hope that many continue to reach for their goals. I am helping my sister begin college right now. I think it's great that she's thinking about going. To stop people from becoming educated is just asinine.

    As for getting educated on the internet? Are you serious? The internet is so full of misinformation. Look at these blogs!

  4. An unfortunate consequence of the corrupt exploitation of students and educational financing is that the endeavor of education itself has been devalued. Because of the extremely negative impact of the financial burden, the inherent value of knowledge becomes clouded and lost.

  5. What is really sad is when someone attends a fourth tier trash can law school, lands in the top 18% of its class, and then cannot find a paying job - yet insists that law school was a wise decision. The pig who posted on July 12th at 5:56 pm takes blatant idiocy and dishonesty to a whole new level.

  6. Well, I know this may sound strange to some, but I believe in education and really, really wanted to go to college to learn. My family was very dysfunctional and didn't have much money when I was a kid growing up, and going to college helped me develop as a person not just intellectually but in many other ways as well. It helped me to rise above my chaotic and unhealthy background.

    Okay, now having said all that...

    On the one hand, I'm grateful I got the education I got, but on the other, much stronger, wiser and bigger hand... My college degree also ruined my life financially. I mean, I'm ruined. Finished. No hope for a better future. No family, few friends, no money to socialize or meet people. I'm just waiting to die, basically...

    But that's because I live in a country that devalues education and human resources in general. The only human beings valued in this country are the wealthy elites. The rest of us can just go to...well, you know...

    If I had to do it all over again, I would not have gone to college...in the United States. If I'd known then what I know now, I would have saved up my money, left the country, gotten my education (and my health care) in another country somewhere in Western Europe. Denmark or France, perhaps...

    Although I'm a very well-educated and highly skilled person (or perhaps because of it), I cannot find a living-wage job. I ended up homeless for a while, so now I write about poverty as the new, alternative lifestyle currently being imposed on Americans.

    If you're bored or just want to make my day, you can check it out here: www.theMadBagLady.wordpress.com

    What's irritating is that most Americans are willfully ignorant and complacent. No matter how many times I warn other people not to take out the loans, not to trust they'll get a "good" job upon graduation, they just go along and take 'em out anyway... Also I can't get people together to protest this. No one seems to care...


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