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Saturday, February 25, 2012


The Student Labor Action Project has organized some specific actions you can help with in an effort to fight the student loan racket. Please take the time to read about the plans here, and to take these steps yourselves if you are so inclined!

The sociopathic beast of the student lending industry must be attacked on many angles. It is good to see different methods developing. Thank you to all who are in this fight.

The planned schedule:

On Monday: National Fax-in day to Albert Lord, Sallie Mae’s CEO, asking for a meeting with students from around the country that will be visiting their DC office. We will also continue to collect signatures for our petition, a banner that students are uniting behind.
On Tuesday: Students will escalate on their campus with banner drops, collect personal testimonies of students struggling with debt, track who their school banks with, and continue to fax-in to Albert Lord.
On Wednesday: Coordinated national showing of “Default: The Student Loan Documentary” on college campuses to raise awareness of the growing issue.
On Thursday: SLAP students will be leading and participating in walk-outs and letter deliveries to corporate and governmental targets in solidarity with the March 1 National Day of Action For Education, including Sallie Mae and the Department of Education.
On Friday: Based on where students are regionally, there will be lobby visits to Congress members asking for regulations to be put on student loan lenders, an increase to student aid, and to reduce the rate of federal loans.

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  1. Well....it is true that Albert Lord is as sebacious a fat ass as ever made the springs groan on a leather executive chair.


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