"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." - Frederick Douglass

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


The stories are mounting. The debts are rising. More students are graduating. Colleges are marketing and luring. Costs are skyrocketing. The lenders are lending. Parents are encouraging.

But the country is not investing in youth or infrastructure and lives are being ruined. The system is failing.

People are waking up. But lemmings are still running to the sea!

The Student Loan crisis is on. There are a few lone wolves out there, but by and large the government has taken the side of the banks, loan sharks, and corrupt universities so far. They care about money and short term profits, not the future.  

Is this really what they want for America's graduates?


This timely video has been making the rounds on the internet.


  1. @ Nando: Thanks a lot. TTR is an inspiration. Keep it up.

  2. You left this out. What a shock.


    Why don't any of you losers take responsibility for your own mistakes?
    IF you can't afford the loan, don't take it out.

  3. @ Industrial Hygenist: Do you see that these efforts are to keep people from making the mistake of erroneously taking out loans they believe they will be able to afford in the future? These loans are being encouraged by lenders and schools leading to the decisions you say should not have been made. We are trying to change things.

    Unlike yourself, we (bloggers/activists) care about other people, and the economic future of the country. In another post, you criticized my well justified name calling of Lawrence Meyers, yet here you are calling an entire generalized group of people losers.

    Also, I did not "forget" to add the piece you linked to, as you suggested. I choose the material I write about, not you. Write your own blog if you want to, which I won't be reading. It's amazing how you spend your time reading and commenting here. What brings you here? You add nothing to the conversation.


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