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Monday, May 7, 2012


There are tons of examples of the regressive, destructive path the US has been on politically, socially and economically for some time now. But this piece from InvestorPlace.com, which was also reviewed on the All Education Matters blog, really deserves special attention. It truly is reflective of a collapsing culture.

Meyers: "Rather than fume with outrage, do what I do: profit from (the student loan bubble)."
Disgusting, reprehensible, pig-person Lawrence Meyers from InvestorPlace.com tells readers how to profit from the student loan bubble. The sociopathic advice shows no concern for those impacted by the student loan scam and crisis, and it also indicates a complete disregard to the whole of society in which this hog exists.

Short-sighted and greedy to the extreme, this investor-criminal illustrates the dark and powerful forces at work in our current system. This is the 1% mentality right here.

But the value of his piece is that it clearly exemplifies the thinking behind the greed and callousness of a certain type of person. Many politicians craftily disguise these same opinions, as they know most people would find the overt sentiments unpalatable.

Here's an unbelievable quote from Lawrence about the student loan mess: "Rather than fume with outrage, do what I do: profit from it."

Without a doubt, Lawrence Meyers would have no problem with a big, slave-filled plantation if he lived in another time. Sociopaths take advantage of all they can without any regard for others or long-term effects.

Where are all the Christian groups admonishing the "sinful", greedy behavior of pigs like Lawrence? Or is it just gay marriage and abortion that matters to them?

You can read Lawrence Meyer's vile piece here.

Lawrence Meyers is a vile pig.


  1. That image is how I picture Lawrence Meyers. Rome is burning, and the owners are worried about stealing any remaining crumbs.

  2. I'm working with DW-TV in Washington D.C. We are looking for students in the DC area who have a lot of student debt and who are struggling to find a job! If this sounds like you and you wouldn't mind doing an on camera interview, let me know!

  3. Oh boo hoo hoo. That's the best you can do is name calling? Watch your mouth. Next time I embarrass you.



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